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Container Hoardings / Gantries

Royal Wolf offer 'B' class container hoardings / gantries that provide solid overhead protection on building sites. These units are designed to ensure the safety of workers & pedestrians & provide effective 10kPa rated protection from construction materials, debris & other falling objects.

Royal Wolf has designed a container hoarding / gantry system that is a totally integrated modular unit with floor, walls & roof guaranteeing an extremely impact resistant structure. These 'B' class container hoardings / gantries satisfy relevant Codes of Practice & offer substantial benefits over traditional hoardings / gantries.

'B' class container hoardings / gantries offer quick installation & superior stability. The units are amongst the safest on the market with impressive resistance from vehicular impact, slip resistant flooring & unrivalled protection for pedestrians & workers.

Features & Benefits:


Royal Wolf's container hoardings / gantries are designed to compliment Royal Wolf's portable buildings product range. The containerised portable buildings can be stacked on top of the hoardings / gantries to provide a complete construction worksite solution. This convenient option minimises the footprint required onsite to provide the necessary worksite amenities & will ensure certification will be valid & relevant to the structure.

Royal Wolf has a team of engineers who can assist with the planning & layout of the construction site to ensure a unique & practical solution.