18 Surprising (and Odd) Container Modifications

18 Surprising (and Odd) Container Modifications

If there was a graph showing what the average shipping container is used for, there would be one bar that was really high. That would be the bar for “transport of goods”, as the shipping container is still mainly used for this. Just to the right of that bar, there would be one that is steadily growing each year. This bar contains all the ‘other’ uses that are currently making their way into the Australian landscape. Some of them are practical, some of them are unique, and a few of them are very imaginative and pioneering. Here are some container modifications that are transforming the way people look at shipping containers.

1) Tiny Container Homes – There is a movement to shift from a large home with lots of stuff to having a small home with less material goods. These tiny homes are being made from containers, which allow for all the basic necessities with some innovative room designs. It turns the focus away from having things to a minimal home to live in.

2) Greenhouses – The walls and roof of a container home are cut away. The corrugated sheets are replaced with glass sheeting that allows for plant growth inside the home. These container glasshouses are the ideal solution to a normal greenhouse space. It’s industrial and unique, and it makes a fashion statement.

3) Saunas – A small container can be converted into a sauna; perfect for enjoying a good dry heat in the winter. The insulated containers even come with a wood-fuelled heater that keeps the inside warm and toasty.

4) Stacked Apartments – Multiple containers stacked on top of each form small communities of houses. It can even form a housing complex with some rigid structural work. These container apartments are perfect for small families and first-time owners looking to get a place of their own.

5) Breweries – As a business model, the micro-brew beer business is thriving. It doesn’t require much space to get set up, which makes a container a viable option for the entire venture. The materials and machinery can all be stored and locked away with an outdoor area to provide tastings for the customers.

6) Mobile Farms – A container farm comes with a hydroponic system of plants that can be grown year-round. It’s a great way to get fresh produce in the middle of the city.

7) Cafes – A container café is a great way to have a temporary space to take advantage of a seasonal crowd, such as a festival or a tourist season. The café can even include a rooftop terrace for the diners to enjoy.

8) Swimming Pools – This is hardly the first thought when designing a pool, but containers can be sunk into the ground or kept above ground with decking around it. It forms a solid base to contain water to beat the summer heat.

These aren’t the normal ways a shipping container gets used, but with an innovative container modification, it certainly is interesting to see what other container modifications will arise in the near future.