3 Container Hire Uses that Go Beyond Just Storage

Is there a better way to use a container than simply to store goods?  Do all container hires need to be just for housing away some odd and ends, trinkets, and knick knacks?

It seems that if there is a temporary need people have, then a container can be hired for that purpose, whatever it may be. Here are the uses for container hires that go further than a simple storage solution.

Hire a Container Farm

Looking to find fresh produce in the city can be hard. There is a growing movement called “locavores”, a term used to describe people who want to eat food only sourced within a small radius of where they live. It cuts down on the immense costs to transport food from the farm to the market. This presents a problem in the city, and this is where the container can meet a need. Some companies are offering private owners and businesses the chance to hire a container farm. It’s a container complete with all the necessary materials and resources to grow food. It’s a hydroponic system with vertical rows of food. The whole interior of the container is regulated by humidifiers, climate controls, and timed LED lighting systems. This farm can bring fresh produce into the urban environment without needing to use costly fuel to transport it.

Hire a Container Beach House

There is nothing more temporary than a beach vacation. Most people love the idea of staying right on the beach, and they don’t need a large house to accommodate them. A small container home provides all the required essentials; a bed, a kitchen from which to cook, a bathroom, and spot to relax and eat. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, which is wise, because a beach vacation is all about being outside anyway. They have the advantage of being mobile, so that when the beach season ends, the container beach houses can be moved offsite until the next season rolls around.

Hire a Container Café

For festival promoters or event planners, a seasonal event could attract thousands of new people to a particular spot. This temporary influx of people attracts businesses to set up a temporary location on site. To do this, a container café makes a great solution without needing to spend lots on set up costs and retail space. It takes advantage of being present where the crowds are and leaving when the people do. These cafes come with the kitchen installed, seating indoors, and even patio and rooftop dining on those long, summer nights.

Even if there is still a huge market for normal storage container hire, there are numerous other purposes being put to use with the same material. These uses provide some of the solutions during times of temporary need. The storage container presents a very viable option to innovate new ways of thinking about short-term spaces.


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