Containers logistics and transport made easy and bespoke

Shipping containers changed the way the world did business more than 60 years ago and now, with innovations in customised container solutions, the big steel box is doing it all over again.

Royal Wolf, Australasia’s largest supplier of shipping containers and market leader, specialises in the hire and sale of container freight solutions through the development of bespoke transport container products for its Intermodal and Freight customers.

“We’re problem solvers,” says Michael Horne, Royal Wolf National Manager Intermodal. “We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all shipping container solution because all of our customers have very specialised and unique needs when it comes to logistics and containerising their freight.”

The company’s Intermodal range includes everything from 20, 25, 40 and 48-foot Curtainside and hard sided containers, and a selection of side door containers which allow easy side access to goods and are ideal if product is being delivered to multiple locations.

Royal Wolf also has lightweight refrigerated containers (reefers) with “thermal efficiency” meaning they use less power to keep product cool.

Increasingly, Royal Wolf also modifies containers for a company’s specific logistics and transport needs, tailoring a container solution to help increase efficiencies and minimise damage to freight.

Mr Horne says having the right container is essential to enable logistics companies to maximise loading and capacity for products as they transport freight across Australia.  

“There are a broad range of commodities transported in our containers, ranging from products people supermarket products, through to furniture, automotive equipment, and building supplies. So that’s everything from nappies and cars through to frozen prawns and cement.

“Logistics companies have an obligation to ensure products get from A to B in the best condition possible, which means they have to be securely and safely stowed while in transit. We create solutions to help make this happen.”

Royal Wolf’s key logistics and freight customers include Toll, Linfox, Pacific National, K&S Freighters and Northline.

One of its latest projects for Linfox involved building a lightweight container with mezzanine decks made from aluminium to allow for double stacking of pallets without the risk of product on the bottom layer being crushed or damaged.  The solution developed has reduced the tare weight of the container by 2,000kgs, thereby reducing the rail charges for our customer without compromising the integrity of the goods in transit.

Mr Horne says with the Inland Rail project now under construction, rail transport of the mid 2020’s and beyond will become more important for logistics companies. Royal Wolf Is continuing to invest in developing leading edge products for our customers of today and tomorrow.  

“We support sustainable practices and rail is certainly greener and more cost efficient than road. Companies are looking at any opportunity to reduce costs and we can help them do that with a simple, yet highly efficient containerised solution.”  

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