Native frog dances up a storm inside modified shipping containers

Melbourne Zoo’s new Wiggles Frog Disco is raising awareness of the Critically Endangered Southern Corroboree Frog by delivering a fun and interactive experience for kids inside modified shipping containers supplied by Royal Wolf.

The Wiggles Frog Disco was created inside two containers into a vibrant play space complete with an interactive dance floor, TV screens and the Corroborree Frog by the Wiggles playing in the background.  On top of the disco sits a Corroboree Frog sculpture to finish the space.

Scott Killeen, General Manager Visitor Experiences from Melbourne Zoo says the containers brought the zoo’s vision to help visitors fall in love and remember the frog’s name in a way that was cost-effective and an efficient use of space.


“The Wiggles Frog Disco is a fantastic experience for children. Seeing people having so much fun while raising awareness of this special little native frog is a great result for Melbourne Zoo.”

Neil Littlewood, Royal Wolf CEO, says this project demonstrates the diversity of containers and how effective they are as a solution for a wide range of projects.

“Containers offer people a cost-effective and highly efficient solution when they are looking for everything from a pop-up café through to a fun and engaging exhibition space like the Frog Disco.

“Royal Wolf is all about pushing the boundaries of what you can use a shipping container for and it’s great to work with an organisation like the Melbourne Zoo that thinks in the same innovative way.”

Containers are becoming a familiar sight throughout Melbourne and wider Victoria for not only its traditional uses in storage and construction but in many custom projects as companies look to alternative solutions for retail space and events.

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