Royal Wolf and GBE Maintenance Services Provide Tasmanian Workers with a Home away from Home

Royal Wolf has provided twenty accommodation units for workers at a $280 million energy project in Western Tasmania, on behalf of GBE Maintenance Services. With a remote location on the west coast of the Apple Isle, the project will see workers live on-site for an average of 18 months at a time.

The six-metre-long modified shipping containers are equipped with everything needed to make workers feel at home. Units are split into a main bedroom and en-suite, including toilets, showers, beds, drawers, shelves, fridges, floors, lighting, air-conditioning and TVs.

Glass sliding doors and security screens will provide the perfect balance between natural light and security.

Delivery was completed in August, and saw units transported from Royal Wolf locations in Western Australia by ships, trains and trucks. Royal Wolf worked closely with its logistics partners to develop the optimum transportation strategy, which factored in movement across country roads and difficult terrain.

Royal Wolf’s innovative plug and play container design means units will be easily connected to the water, sewage and electricity facilities once the customer has made final site preparations. Electrical and plumbing infrastructure in Royal Wolf units meets compliance standards, meaning GBE Maintenance Services can be confident on safety.

Glen Berechree, director at GBE Maintenance Services commented, “With the shortage of accommodation options for upcoming projects on the West Coast of Tasmania, Royal Wolf’s accommodation units are the perfect solution for us, combining the quality and feel of a regular living space, with the mobility needed to reach remote locations. Making Workers comfortable is central to the success of any and all projects.”

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