A&A Building Services

Everyone involved in the construction industry knows that every individual building site poses unique challenges and opportunities for innovative office and storage solutions. Recently long term Royal Wolf client A & A Building Services came to us looking for a an answer for a particular set of circumstances that had presented themselves on a new building site. A & A were competing in a tender for the construction of a new McDonalds outlet in Moss Vale NSW.  The site contained little surplus space and the location of the space on the site would move during the course of construction. A & A Building needed storage and office solutions that provided sufficient space, without having too large a footprint on site and which also could be moved easily and quickly to different locations on site when required. McDonalds also required that any structure located on site had to be visually appealing and in line with the McDonalds’ image.  It was also a requirement that the facility be secure and lockable as well as functional in the limited space allowed.