The creative minds of Mosster Studio and Melbourne’s Scienceworks museum collaborated with Royal Wolf to create a laser beam spectacular for kids and families during this winter school holidays.
Royal Wolf Shipping Container - Laser Maze Royal Wolf Shipping Container - Laser Maze          

The Laser Maze interactive art installation, made with Royal Wolf containers, had visitors learning all about laser physics and strategic thinking as they attempted to manoeuvre their way through a maze of laser beams in a race against time. A smaller maze, the Laser Forest, was custom created for kids. When the artists found the enormous space of the Scienceworks Boiler Room was too big to contain the lasers and achieve that ‘Mission Impossible’ effect, Scienceworks approached Royal Wolf to help bring the concept into shape using its multi-use shipping containers. Joining together two shipping containers, the Royal Wolf team were able to forge a narrow tunnel which created a transportive experience for visitors to move through. Not only did the container make it easier for the lasers to bounce off the walls’ surfaces, the darkened space helped make the lights more visible and vibrant. The shipping container tunnel proved to be an innovative yet practical solution to a creative problem, making Laser Maze one of the most popular exhibitions for families throughout the school holidays.

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