A Revolution in Hydraulic Hose Storage_Container Solution by Royal Wolf


WesTrac — one of the largest authorised CAT equipment dealers in the world — needed a safe and secure space to store more than 350 hydraulic hoses that were used by their service technicians to tend to mining equipment and machinery.

The hoses range from 25mm to 150mm in diameter and can be heavy, so they needed to be stored in a functional and organised manner.


WesTrac had a number of specific requirements that had to be considered during the design and build processes.


Maximising the capacity of the space, ensuring the frames could hold large amounts of weight and making sure the purpose-built solution was robust enough to withstand the mining environment were all imperative to the success of the solution.

“The art of the design was to enable the frame to extend the full length outside of the container, while holding heavy weight,” says Brendon Greatrex, National Manager Modifications at Royal Wolf.

“We also designed a feature to ensure all ten frames cannot be extracted at once to prevent overturning,” adds Brendon.

The final product was a fully customised container which solved a real problem faced by WesTrac.  “This solution is a game-changer for the business and for the wider industry.”

“This project really sets us apart from our competitors in terms of capability. We’re focussed on our customers and can solve these problems for them,” shares Brendon.

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