Australian International Airshow

“Royal Wolf delivered to our event site over 80 various containers. The addition of the new Studio container meant that we were further able to offer our clients a product that suited the requirement and expectation of our Exhibitors at an International event. It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Royal Wolf.”

The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace and Defence Exposition was held from 24th February to 1st March 2015. The Airshow is held every second year at Avalon Airport in Victoria, Australia and features a wide range of aircraft displays, aerial demonstrations and supply exhibitors. This year the Australian International Airshow paid tribute to ANZAC and the heroes of military aviation, it also featured a vast array of the latest military heavy metal from Australia and Overseas including super-sonic jet fighters and attack helicopters. Challenge The Australian International Airshow contacted Royal Wolf five years ago for assistance supplying portable offices for their upcoming event as the team had experienced challenges with weather conditions at their previous events. The group needed a strong, robust solution that would stand up to all weather conditions without compromising the integrityof the event.

Australian International AirshowAustralian International Airshow

 Solution Royal Wolf was able to offer the Australian International Airshow steel containerised offices, which are both wind-resistant and built securely using a steel structure, steel doors and protected windows. This strength in design and materials allows Royal Wolf’s containers to withstand significant weather forces, all while having no impact on the unit’s portability. The Australian International Airshow further appreciated the compact nature of Royal Wolf’s shipping container offices, which allowed the team to save space where multiple units were required in compound areas. Royal Wolf’s container offices proved easy for the team to move around the site and durable enough to be placed on various surfaces around the event space.

Results The Australian International Airshow team opted to work with Royal Wolf because no other supplier in the market could compete with the quality and affordable nature of our products. Our working relationship has been so successful that the company has increased its engagement from roughly $20K in container hires in its first year to approximately $90K this year. What initially involved the hire of office containers alone has now expanded to include studio/outdoor rooms, refrigerated containers, platforms, cabins, lunch rooms and extensive container modifications. Royal Wolf is also proud to have expanded our support of the event to supply containers to many of the show’s on-site customers, including the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).