6 Elements of Building a Great Vacation Home using Shipping Containers

Using storage containers as vacation homes, either for owner’s personal use or for hire by other vacationers, are increasingly popular ways to convert units for pleasure use. Portable unit conversions allow many people to enjoy the use of a vacation home who wouldn’t normally be able to, making these units an attractive option for recreational use. Below are 6 of the essential elements that converted unit vacation homes should have:


  1. Private areas for all family members - Units should be configured and modified so there is private space for every member of the family. This could mean multiple units grouped together or several units combined to create a space large enough to use partitions for creating privacy for sleeping or dressing.


  1. Outfitted with vacation essentials - There are a whole series of items that a family needs to enjoy their vacation time, whether they are at the beach or camping in the forest. Some of the common items that are regularly stocking in vacation homes are life jackets, air pumps for bike tires, sports balls, and inflatable toys, insect repellant, outdoor clothing and even extra bikes for use at the cabin.


  1. Heating and cooling systems - Outfitting a portable shipping unit with air conditioning or heating systems are important components of making vacation homes comfortable at any time of year. Some owners will opt to experience the natural air temperature as they would if they were camping but many others prefer to be able to control the climate in their vacation home for their ultimate comfort.


  1. Near important amenities – Each family has specific activities that they enjoy doing when vacationing, and situating a vacation near the right amenities will make a recreational getaway more enjoyable when families don’t have to travel great distances to access the areas that are important to them. Families who have a boat will want their vacation home near the marina, swimmers and snorkelers will want to be by the beach, hikers near the trails and so on.


  1. Basic cooking and bathing facilities - Vacation homes needn’t be fancy accommodations, in fact, many families enjoy the experience of roughing it in the great outdoors the way they might if they were camping. Since storage containers are a step above tenting, it makes sense that they would be outfitted with greater amenities than campers would have. A humble kitchen needs only a sink and a small cook area, and the toilet can be a simple facility for basic grooming and washing.


  1. Recreation items Time spent at the cabin is all about having fun with the family, so a well-appointed unit will be stocked with all the essentials for recreation and play time. Owners should fill vacation homes with cards, board games, jigsaw puzzles, books, and outdoor sports equipment like badminton rackets or a baseball and catcher’s mitt for playing catch whether these items are for the owner’s personal use for use by families who hire modified storage container cabins.


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