8 Ways Containers Are Used At Construction Sites


Construction sites have unique needs when it comes to amenities. The buildings that house them need to be durable, yet easily removed when the project is completed. Shipping containers can be retrofitted into compact portable buildings, and they’re one of the strongest structures available!

Royal Wolf has a full range of portable buildings and other products to make it easy for construction companies to set up their sites. Shipping container buildings are modular, customisable, space efficient and flexible.  They also come with a variety of security features, and they can be stacked to allow maximum amenities in even the most limited of spaces.

Here are a few of the applications for shipping containers on construction sites:

Portable Offices

Construction projects require lots of individuals with different skill sets to work together. Planning, design and financing are all of the essence, which means that on-site administration is a must! A site office must be sturdy enough to withstand the hazards typically found on construction sites. It also needs to be mobile, able to be set up instantaneously and moved at a moment’s notice.

Shipping containers are made from solid steel and can be retrofitted to include doors, windows, lighting, power and air conditioning. Royal Wolf’s portable offices even include the option of delivery with an office chair and desk included! They can be combined with other portable construction site buildings to create larger, multi-container corporate offices.


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All workplaces must provide toilet facilities for their employees, but construction sites present a unique challenge. The typical solution is a portable chemical toilet, but these can be cramped and unpleasant to use. Portable toilet blocks made from converted shipping containers come in a variety of sizes.

Royal Wolf’s portable toilets are available in sizes ranging from ten to forty feet, and are able to be designated for a single gender or split between male and female. They include electricity, lighting, exhaust fans, urinals wc cubicles, hand wash basins, a hot water system and towel and soap dispensers. They also have a sewer connection, which makes the experience of using them vastly preferable to that of a chemical toilet.

Change Rooms

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Construction workers need a place to dress for work and to store their personal belongings. A change room should therefore be a secure and private area. A shipping container change room can be outfitted with coat hooks, bench seating and lockers. Royal Wolf’s portable change rooms also come with electricity, lighting, an exhaust fan, a strip heater, air conditioning and a fire extinguisher.

Lunch Rooms

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A construction site lunch room should offer a relaxing, comfortable environment for workers to revitalise during their breaks. Staff who bring bag lunches should have access to a refrigerator, a microwave and a sink to do their washing up. Optional features in the Royal Wolf portable lunch room include these amenities as well as electricity, lighting, a hot water urn, a pie warmer, a fire extinguisher, a notice board, tables and chairs.

First Aid Rooms

It is an unfortunate fact that construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the world. It is also one of the most safety-oriented industries, and most on-the-job injuries are minor ones. Still, they occur with enough frequency that having an on-site first aid facility is a major necessity.

A study conducted by the Journal of Safety Research found that construction workers were more motivated to avoid occupational injuries and illnesses when they underwent first aid training. Not only does having a first aid centre on the job site help treat injuries, it can actually prevent them!

Everything you need for a fully-functioning first aid room can fit inside a portable shipping container. Royal Wolf can create a first aid room to suit individual needs, or you can hire the standard 20-foot model. They come with power, lighting, air conditioning, a sink, a refrigerator, bench seating, a desk, a chair and a hot water urn.

Hoardings & Gantries


Worker safety is a huge priority in the construction industry, as is the safety of anyone who may be walking under or near a construction site. Construction hoarding is used to provide temporary fencing and overhead protection. Royal Wolf’s container hoardings/gantries system is a patented design that is constructed from solid steel shipping containers. They include a floor, walls, and a roof, and are extremely impact resistant. Their flooring is slip-resistant, and they are incredibly quick and easy to install.

Other portable buildings can be stacked on top of container hoardings/gantries to create a tailor-made worksite. This minimises the land area required for staff amenities, while still providing a safe and convenient location for offices, toilet blocks, lunch rooms, changing rooms, and first aid rooms.


Shipping containers are fantastic for storage, especially for expensive construction equipment and building materials. They are secure and durable, and there are many accessories available to make them even more so.

Padlocks can be used at any point of entry to a shipping container. For added security, you may also want to purchase a lock box to place over the padlock. It provides weather protection, as well as preventing the padlock from being tampered with.

In addition to several sizes of storage containers, Royal Wolf offers a range of containers that have been modified for the storage of chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances. The container is designed to minimise the risks of spills and slips, making it idea for storing oils, diesels, paints, thinners and class 3 flammables.

Building Materials

We’ve talked about all the ways in which shipping containers can be used to house amenities on construction sites. Interestingly enough, they can also be used to construct the buildings themselves!

Shipping container buildings are the hottest thing in ecologically-conscious design right now. For a great example of how shipping containers are being used to build modern, luxurious homes, check out this Brisbane mansion designed and built by Zeigler Build. It’s three levels tall, and incorporates tinted “E glass” and open spaces to maximise natural light within the home.

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