Container Modifications for Modern Homes

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By now, everyone will have heard of the new method of constructing homes; building with shipping containers. The 10 foot, the 20 foot, and the 40 foot containers provide a perfect medium from which to construct new homes that can suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. From their initial uses, the containers have come a long way to be incorporated into people’s living spaces. Everyone has made different uses out of them, and they have only grown in functionality as people come up with new concepts for houses using this versatile product. Upon looking at the container homes that are now becoming more popular, here are the container modifications that have begun to crop up.

Small Homes

Containers provide an enclosed space that some people see as just an empty box, but others see as a blank canvas in which to create beautiful spaces. The container homes that first popped up came from a group of people that valued small living spaces as a reduced impact on the environment. The 40 foot container provides that perfect sized space for a single person or a couple to live in. It has enough room to provide all the basic amenities and necessities in a house without taking up excessive amounts of room. As a way to be smarter with the space, they began to create verandas and rooftop terraces for outdoor living.

Combined Container Modifications

As the vision for containers homes grew, so did the actual homes themselves. The home was no longer restricted to a small living space as people began to join up containers together to create larger living spaces. Containers that are placed a few feet apart can incorporate large open-plan living areas and encompass the same size as a regular home at a fraction of the cost. Modifications increased as people found new ways to enlarge their homes at the same as decreasing their budget.

Stacked Containers

In the newest form of container homes, people have looked at the inherent design of the container for their inspiration. It was designed to be stacked several times high and withstand the rigors of long distance travel. In emulating that same design and taking the concept of a home one step further, some architects and designers have created the concept of the world’s first container skyscraper; a complex of containers all stacked together to form one large living area. The individual containers all house one family while the entire structure can house hundreds of people in a manner that is economical and environmentally conscious. Whether this becomes a reality still remains to be seen; however, the proof of concept is being tested right now.

Making modifications to shipping containers has evolved from humble beginnings to a more complex understanding of how the future looks with this building medium. The future does show some promise about how the people can use this ever available product and recycle new life into them.

Container modifications

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