Health and Wellness Businesses Well-Suited to Converted Shipping Containers

Fitness and wellness

There are so many new and innovative ways to use shipping containers for practical purposes, from traditional storage units to cozy new homes. One of the most popular ways to use these units is spaces for small companies who require a premises but cannot find the location or the lease rates that work for their business. Portable units are so versatile that they can be converted into places of business in many sectors, but one area where these units are especially well-suited is in the health and wellness industry, where often all that’s required is a small space and simple furnishings. Below are some of the best types of health and wellness businesses for operating in converted shipping containers:

  • Yoga studio - There is very little to a yoga studio other than a floor and four walls. A container can easily take on a very zen atmosphere with a minimalist feeling with the right finishes. A simple hardwood floor, dimmable lighting and wiring for playing soothing music are all that is required to set up a yoga studio for small classes or private training. The right design touches like distressed wood and soothing paint colors will give the space a soft and inviting feeling that is essential for any yoga studio to attract and retain clients.
  • Personal trainer - A portable unit makes for a great personal training studio with very few modifications. A unit’s original look lends itself to the industrial feeling of a boxing gym or training studio. Outfitting a unit with overhead lighting, floor to ceiling mirrors and a small, separate change area creates the perfect setup for a private gym, ready for weightlifting, boxing and strength training equipment. Trainers can bring exclusive clientele to their transformed unit for one-on-one sessions in a small but efficient environment.
  • Mini spa - Using the same design elements as a yoga studio, a portable unit can just as easily be made into a small spa that offers services like manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, reflexology, acupuncture or anything else that doesn’t require extensive equipment. Many traditionally-housed spas and salons are situated in small spaces, so setting up a spa business in a portable unit doesn’t change the feel or the customer experience.
  • Massage therapy or chiropractor studio - Massage and chiropractic businesses require a specialty bed and some relaxing music with very little else needed. A portable unit is plenty big enough even for several practitioners to use at once. Creating several private treatment rooms is a simple modification and will allow a small group of massage therapists or chiropractors to open a clinic together.
  • Personal therapist - An ideal personal therapist’s office is a small space that makes clients feel safe and cozy, and a converted shipping unit is the perfect way to create this type of space for a therapist who is setting up their own practice. Warm and inviting decor and comfortable furniture make clients feel relaxed when they enter and creates the a private environment for opening up to their therapist.

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