How Shipping Containers Make the Perfect Spaces for Creatives

Many different types of people use shipping containers for a multitude of purposes including residential and commercial spaces, as well as for personal use on a home’s property. While portable units lend themselves to a variety of uses, they are particularly useful for creative individuals to use as studio spaces, workshops, and design areas. Small creative studios can also be used to offer private lessons or for teaching workshops to small groups for extra income. Below is a sampling of just some of the creative types that use portable units and how they modify them for artistic purposes:


  • Musicians and bands - Musicians require regular practice sessions. Whether they are soloists in a symphony, members of a band or simply play an instrument for a personal hobby it’s essential to have a rehearsal space where they can practice their music, preferably without disturbing the other members of the family. While not completely soundproof, portable units still make a great spot for musicians to practice, and if they desire they can professionally soundproof their space and even turn it into a fully functioning recording studio.


  • Writer’s retreat - Writers don’t need a lot of space to work, but they do appreciate having a place that’s all their own, where they can escape the bustle of the home and get into a creative mindset in a calm and quiet environment. A small unit can easily be converted into a writer’s room when outfitted with a desk and a comfortable chair for reading. Bookshelves can house favorite volumes of classic novels for inspiration as well as reference materials. Novelists, poets, journalists, and freelance writers will all benefit from having a proper workspace.


  • Photography studio/dark room - Photographers find leasing shipping containers to be perfectly suited for use as a portrait studio or as a darkroom and cutting room for developing and editing photos. Similarly, filmmakers find these spaces idea for setting up editing equipment where they can work on their projects in a space designated just for their creative work.


  • Pottery studio - Pottery is a messy hobby or job that is difficult to work on inside the home without having a designated studio area. Since many homes don’t have the extra space, adding a detached portable unit can create the perfect pottery studio. Because of it’s messy nature, portable units with minimal modifications are ideal. Even the most basic and industrial-looking units are suitable for potters.


  • Dance studio - A small private dance space is something that most professional dancers don’t have access to at home, so a shipping container conversion is an attractive option. When used as a personal rehearsal area, a dance studio doesn’t require much space, and all that’s needed are floor to ceiling mirrors and a ballet barre. Specially sprung dance floors are the biggest modification that’s needed to transform a portable unit into a dancer’s personal studio.