Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers at Home

Shipping containers are not just for industrial or commercial use. They have loads of great uses including ones at home. For homeowners with large enough properties, a shipping unit can be a great part of a backyard or the grounds of a home. Homeowners will love having the additional space available for whatever use they have. Below are some common uses for containers at home as well as some creative ideas of how to customize a portable unit.

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  • Additional storage - One of the most obvious uses for portable units on a home’s property is for extra storage space. Homeowners may wish to store out of season clothing, camping equipment, boxes of home goods they haven’t unpacked after a move, old collector’s items and other rarely used items that they want to keep but don’t need immediately accessible inside the home. Storing them on-site in a portable unit keeps belongings close by and eliminates the need to drive to an offsite storage locker to access items.
  • Gardeners Shed - A portable unit makes a great space for gardening items that homeowners want to keep separate from other items in the garage or when they don’t have room anywhere else. Placed directly in the yard, a shipping container can house lawn and garden items like lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, pool chemicals, lawn fertilizer and other items that owners need easy access to right in the yard.
  • Woodworking shop - Handy homeowners love having a designated space where they can store woodworking tools and create a workshop for themselves. Large power tools like a lathe or a band saw fit perfectly in a portable unit and there is plenty of space to install shelving to hold smaller tools, paints and wood stains, brushes and files of project ideas.
  • Children’s play house - Children love having a special space that’s just for kids. Without the space for a classic treehouse or the degree of difficulty in building one that’s safe, a small shipping unit makes a great playhouse for kids to use when enjoying the backyard. Parents can be nearby, relaxing in the yard knowing that their children are playing inside their special area. Outfit the area with their favorite toys and larger items that don’t fit inside the house, like an art center, a doll house, a baby doll’s pram or a building area for a seemingly endless supply of Lego.
  • Home office - Entrepreneurs or individuals who work from home love having a space outside of the main house where they can set up a home office. A separate area gives them the peace and quiet from children and other family members making noise in the background and gives them ample space for all their office items. A professionally decorated space also provides an area to meet with colleagues or clients that isn’t inside the personal areas of their home.