Why Use Shipping Containers as Home Additions

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As families grow and change it’s common for a beloved home to feel cramped or become overcrowded. The most obvious solutions of either moving to a new, larger home or adding an extension onto an existing house may not be financially feasible options for many families, which makes the alternative of using a shipping container to increase a home’s space, an appealing option. When a family opts to use a container to create modifications to their home’s livable areas they are saving money on extensive renovations that can take months to complete. Adding a shipping unit onto a home or simply placing on adjacent to the house makes adding extra rooms easy and affordable. Some of the most common uses for this new type of space include:

  • In-law suite - Whether aging parents are moving into the family home or families simply want a designated area for visiting relatives to stay, a converted portable unit is an ideal way to create room for everyone with enough space that relatives can have their own private area.
  • Nanny suite - Families who have a live-in nanny will greatly appreciate the addition of a portable unit to their home’s living space. A shipping unit make for the perfect accommodations for nannies because they can be setup with separate entrances to give privacy to caregivers outside of their working hours. A shipping unit allows the convenience of a in-house caregiver without feeling like an employee is living too close for comfort.
  • Teenage quarters - As teenagers get older, it’s natural for them to want to increase their independence and have their own living areas where they can spend time with their friends in private. A container with modifications that include entertainment systems, wifi connectivity and ample space will quickly become a favorite hangout spot for teens and their friends. In some situations, teenage children may even have enough space to move their bedroom to the converted portable unit as well, allowing them to have their own living space without leaving home just yet.
  • Guest house - Families may opt to create a small guest suite on their property that tourists and visitors can hire for a small fee. A well-appointed guest suite on a nice property will become a popular accommodation for visitors to the area and can bring additional income to a family.
  • Garden room - A lovely addition to any home is a garden room. An open concept space may have floor to ceiling windows, skylights or a screened in wall that allows family members to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors along with the comfort of inside living. Garden rooms are free from insects and can provide shade from the sun’s harsh rays, making them an attractive alternative to spending time outdoors. A storage unit turned into a garden room is a welcome addition to any home’s living areas.

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