From shipping container to shelf


  • Containers provide overflow storage and easy access to goods  
  • Wolf Lock innovation increases efficiencies
  • Container storage helps to streamline supply chain demand

Keeping retail moving

Containers provide additional storage for retailers during peak times and in the current Covid environment are helping the sector manage demand due to shipping delays.    

In this video Royalwolf NZ Executive General Manager Paul Creighton outlines how having containers on site enables businesses easy and efficient access to goods and the ability to accommodate overflow stock.

The Wolf Lock container, which can be opened with one hand and has an emergency exit mechanism inside to increase safety, has become a go-to for retail outlets. New Zealand’s largest retailer The Warehouse use containers throughout the year to store overflow stock during peak time such as Christmas.

Streamlining supply chains  

A large-scale storage project for hand surface sanitiser business Zoono, which has seen demand for its products grow exponentially during the pandemic, highlighted the efficiency of container storage. 

Royalwolf worked with Zoono to create a container storage system, using a combination of Wolf Lock and traditional containers, that allowed easy access to stock and components. Located at Royal Wolf’s East Tamaki branch, the storage containers streamlined Zoono’s supply chain to ensure a quicker turn-around time to meet customer demand.

“When we have time critical shipments, a big thing for us is getting things quickly and on time,” says Zoono Operations Manager Dwayne Dean. “Royalwolf gives us easy access to our components and what we used to move in two or three days, can now be moved in one.”

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