Home Delivered - Royal Wolf Gives Glimpse of Affordable Housing Solution

Australians struggling to get on the property ladder may soon have the opportunity to step on to the first rung thanks to a unique micro-housing project, supported by Australasia’s leading supplier of shipping containers, Royal Wolf. In partnership with Clare Urquhart, a PhD student from the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, the Container of Dreams project will see a standard 20-foot Royal Wolf container transformed into a prototype display home and showcase how the construction of smaller residences can be made simpler, faster and cheaper through alternative building methods and practices.
Royal Wolf Container of DreamsRoyal Wolf Container of  Dreams
Urquhart said the homeownership dream is fast-fading among many Australians with creative solutions urgently needed to address the demand for more affordable housing. “My hope is that the Container of Dreams will demonstrate to policy makers, local councils and the general public that containerised housing could potentially address the country’s rising demand for cheaper real estate. And thanks to Royal Wolf, this vision may act as an accessible housing template for currently marginalised sections of society,” she said.

Neil Littlewood, Royal Wolf’s Executive General Manager – Australian Customer Service Centres, said the company is proud to donate the 20foot unit and be partnering on an innovative project which further demonstrates the versatility of the traditional shipping container. “Royal Wolf has been the driving force behind the recycling, engineering and modifying of shipping containers to deliver a diverse range of accommodation solutions including mining camps, prisons, student residences and even holiday cabins. We’re seeing increased demand for these types of modifications and the Container of Dreams project is another step in the right direction,” Mr Littlewood said