Royal Wolf has a well-earned reputation for cutting edge innovation. This has been fundamental to our appointment as the container provider of choice for some spectacular, high profile projects over the years. We have for example provided creatively designed, pop-up containers for television shows such as The Block and Masterchef. We have worked with Tennis Australia in creating a huge, curved Sound Wall and interactive media Fan Shack for the Australian Open and we have collaborated to create an immersive experience of sound and light at Vivid Sydney.

From Eat Street in Brisbane to the Maritime Museum in Sydney to many more exciting projects across the country, our custom projects are compelling
proof that you really can ‘Do anything in a Royal Wolf’.

Be inspired by our Centre of Excellence

What have you created from a Royal Wolf container?

A workshop, leisure room, gym or hobby room? Or something totally original and creative?

Submit an image of your customised container to us and, with your permission, we’d love to share it on social media and our website!

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Royal Wolf listened to my request and provided the solution then delivered it to my residence without issue. Excellent job!

-Wendy Donnelly