Meet Your Wolf Pack - Bridget McClure

Bridget in front of the Royal Wolf office in Napier.

Bridget in front of the Royal Wolf office in Napier.

When it comes to work, Senior Sales Executive Bridget McClure is happy working autonomously but on the weekend she feels most comfortable united with fellow metal fans in the mosh pit.

“I moved to Napier 12 months ago after working in print manufacturing in Auckland for 18 years. I knew of the Royal Wolf brand and working there always appealed to me. It was one of the first jobs I applied for, and I’m glad I got it, says Bridget.”

“It’s a quieter lifestyle living in Napier, but I never feel alone here. There’s always someone at the end of the phone. Everyone is always so helpful. I’m buddied up with a Senior Sales Executive in New Plymouth and we ring each other to chat about anything we need. If there’s a down period, we call each other to catch up, get advice and bounce ideas off each other,” she says.

Bridget loves the lightbulb moments that come with helping all kinds of clients solve problems. “What gives me the exciting buzz is making customers happy. You’re often dealing with businesses that are trying to solve problems. They think they want one thing and you can show them a totally new solution. It’s that lightbulb moment that’s so rewarding, says Bridget.

Bridget’s own lightbulb moment came when she was chatting to her husband about work. “The company my husband was managing, which is waste management — rubbish basically — have a recycling centre in Auckland but had no way of collecting and transporting tyres to the plant. I spoke to my husband and told him we had an old, beaten container with an open top that might be a good solution. So I quoted to restore it and paint it in the company colours, and now it’ll be moving up and down the North Island once a month,” says Bridget.

When she’s not working at Royal Wolf, Bridget loves going to rock concerts and enjoying the high energy environment that live music brings.

“I come across as being quite clean cut, but I’m actually a big Metallica fan so that would surprise people. My ever suffering husband will come along with me to shows. I’ve even got a Metallica tattoo. I got one after I saw them at Big Day Out in 2004. I love seeing live music — it’s all so positive,” says Bridget.

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