New Easy Open Door

Royal Wolf have recently released an innovative product called the easy open door, a convenient locking device that has been developed to offer quick and easy access to a container when frequent access is required, or to minimise the lifting required when opening a conventional container door. Easy Open Door Easy Open Door - Royal Wolf Shipping Containers Easy Open Door - Royal Wolf Shipping Containers         The main feature of the Easy Open Door is the "emergency exit" security locking system, enabling the device to be unlocked internally, preventing accidental door closure.
Convenient, Safe and Secure
  • Offers quick and easy access
  • Can be opened with a single motion
  • Utilises a three point latch system
  • Includes a weather protected lockbox cage lock
  • Can be fitted to any size container
  • Emergency Exit safety feature that can be unlocked from the inside
  • Highly usable security lock with multiple keys supplied
For more information on the Easy Open Door, speak with our Live Chat team now or call 1300 880 910.
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