New Wolf Lock a revolution for Australasian shipping container industry

Opening a shipping container can be like wrestling a 2-tonne steel monster – and it was this battle that inspired a new lock design that makes container doors easier and safer to open. The Wolf Lock premium hire container, a new patented product developed by shipping container specialists Royal Wolf, makes opening container doors easier. Unlike traditional containers it can also be opened from the inside if the door closes, or gets closed, accidentally. Opening a conventional container, with heavy steel doors and a number of large levers, requires a twisting motion using two arms. In contrast, the Wolf Lock allows access through a single lever that requires only one hand and light pressure to work it.

Royal Wolf CEO Neil Littlewood says the Wolf Lock premium hire container continues Royal Wolf’s focus on innovation in the storage and container hire and sale industry. “Opening a standard container can be challenging and time consuming – it can be like wrestling with a 2-tonne steel box. The Wolf Lock makes it a lot easier and requires less strength and physicality which is ideal for customers who are regularly going in and out of a container to get product and supplies.”

With a tri-locking system the container also provides vault-like security to provide an even higher level of secure, weatherproof storage than a conventional container. It can be used for on-site storage during a renovation, on the farm, or at a small home business, as well as storing tradies supplies and tools, or at warehouses and retail facilities for surplus stock. The Wolf Lock premium hire container is one of a number of products Royal Wolf, the largest supplier of shipping containers in Australasia, has patented including its hoardings (pedestrian walk ways) which are in high demand in the construction industry.

“Royal Wolf is the market leader in Australasia and to stay at the forefront of the industry we are constantly coming up with ways to innovate and improve the safety and efficiency of our products for our 20,000-plus customers,” says Mr Littlewood. “Patented designs and products like the Wolf Lock are based on us listening to our customers and designing innovative solutions to meet their needs – even we continue to be surprised by the versatility a simple container can provide,” he says. Mr Littlewood believes the lock provides an increased level of safety, from removing the risk of someone getting locked inside a container through to reducing injury risk when opening and entering a container.

“From a safety perspective, we believe the product is a game changer and the best in the industry. Ultimately, though, it’s all about providing a product that makes our customers’ jobs easier, allowing them to make the most of their containers and use them more efficiently.”

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