Minicube Shipping Container

Royal Wolf’s small mini cube shipping containers are portable shipping container units that provide strong and secure portable storage, ideal for use as a storeroom, garden shed or worksite storage, amongst a number of other applications.

At just 2.3m by 2.3m our 8ft Mini cube small shipping containers are less than half the size of a standard shipping container enabling them to fit in tight spaces with a small footprint. Containers are fitted with vents top and bottom of side walls and feature an internal emergency safety door release.

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Ideal for tight spaces with small footprint
Internal emergency safety door release
Includes vents top & bottom of side wall


Create more space at home or at work with a 8ft (2.3m)
or 10ft (3m) shipping container from Royal Wolf.

Wind, water and vermin proof, Royal Wolf 8ft and 10ft shipping
containers will safely and securely store all your excess personal
and business items. Constructed from heavy grade corrosion
resistant steel, they are easy to install, fully lockable, entirely
portable and versatile for many applications.

the 8ft minicube container is the ideal storage solution for tight spaces with a small footprint

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