Portable Container Kitchens

Our line of portable container kitchens have a variety of applications. At 12 metres long, these portable shipping container kitchens are large enough to hold a full commercial cooking operation and because they’re highly portable, they’re ideal for use in urban settings or rural areas including mining camps and relief operations.

With a portable kitchen of this size, you easily prepare food for up to 200 people at a time. Ensuring that your food area will be of a high standard and the cooking conditions you maintain will be hygienic, air conditioning also comes standard to ensure the climate inside the kitchen is as comfortable as possible.

Currently, Royal Wolf's portable shipping container kitchens come outfitted with benching and counter space, stainless steel, state-of-the-art industrial appliances, and commercial grade lighting and plumbing. In addition to the uses described above, these containers work perfectly for festivals, special events, pop-ups and community projects. While we do offer models for purchase, we also have container kitchens available to hire for short term projects.

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Suitable for a full commercial cooking operation
State of the art industrial appliances
Air conditioning


Our containerised portable kitchen units can be sold as a part of a complete mobile camp, featuring living quarters, bathrooms, and even laundry rooms and first aid stations. With a power source and plumbing hook-up, these kitchens can be completely self-sufficient and can operate indefinitely in any location Australia wide.

We can also add extra accessories such as standard plumbing, lighting or electricity to bring your kitchen operation up to your desired specifications. Extra doors, windows, shelving and appliances can all be added too.

Royal Wolf commercial kitchens comply with the Australian Standard for the Design, Construction and Fit-out of Food Premises (AS4674-2004). This not only guarantees legal compliance but also ensures a safe and efficient environment for hygienic food preparation.

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