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Hardside Pallet-wide Shipping Containers

Royal Wolf’s hardside pallet-wide shipping containers are designed and engineered especially for the Australian domestic road and rail system.

Our hardside models come in three different lengths - 20ft, 40ft and 48ft. Our 20ft units have a cubic capacity of 40 metres cubed and maximum payload of 27,940 kilograms. Longer 40ft containers have more than double this cubic capacity. We also offer extra-long 48ft shipping containers to help you carry exceptionally-long cargo pieces or additional pallets. The containers extra width provides just enough room to fit two Australian standard pallets side-by-side

Heavy-duty fork pockets come standard on all hardside pallet wide containers and all of our hardside pallet wide boxes also come with 20ft chain lift positions and full- depth corrugated walls, allowing them to be loaded seamlessly onto trucks and trains.


For full container dimensions, weights and specifications, see the tab below. For more information call us now on 1300 135 808.

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Specifications 20ft 40ft 48ft
External Length (mm) 6058 12192 14630
External Width (mm) 2484 2482 2482
External Height (mm) 2896 2896 2896
Internal Length (mm) 5898 12100 14470
Internal Width (mm) 2422 2426 2422
Internal Height (mm) 2802 2802 2802
Max Gross (kg) 30480 34000 32000
Tare (kg) 2540 4180 5340
Max Payload (kg) 27940 29820 27640
Cubic Capacity (m3) 40 81.7 98.2

Delivery Instructions


The tilt tray truck is ideal for delivery to many locations. The container is loaded on the truck in the direction requested ensuring the unit will be in the correct position once delivered. The truck must reverse to the delivery point where the tray of the truck tilts to the ground and the container slides off the back.

  • 6m Tilt Tray Clearance Requirements:
  • Height – 4.8m (16ft)
  • Width – 3m (10ft)
  • Length – 18m (59ft)


The side loader truck delivers the container by picking it up from the trucks tray at each end of the unit and lowering it onto the site directly next to the trucks’ tray. This method is ideal for delivery of containers that need to fit into constricted spaces. It is important to consider which way the container should be loaded onto the truck as it can only be unloaded from the right hand (drivers’) side.

  • 6m Side Loader Clearance Requirements:
  • Height – 4.5m (15ft)
  • Width – 6m (20ft)
  • Length – 10m (33ft)
  • 12m Side Loader Clearance Requirements:
  • Height – 4.5m (15ft)
  • Width – 6m (20ft)
  • Length – 16m (53ft)


This delivery method is used when neither a tilt tray or side loader truck can access the site. Crane truck delivery allows for containers to be delivered over obstructions such as fences.

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