Hoardings and Gantries

Hoarding is a temporary structure of solid construction, erected around the perimeter of construction sites to shield them from view and prevent unauthorised access. A Gantry is an overhead bridge-like structure supporting equipment such as a crane, signals, or cameras.

Royal Wolf's hoardings and gantries are available for long or short-term hire and provide solid overhead protection on building and construction sites. Our hoarding constructions are designed to ensure the safety of workers and pedestrians and provide effective 10kPa rated protection from construction materials, debris and other falling objects.  The integrated modular units with floor, walls and roof guaranteeing an extremely impact resistant structure.

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clock Long or short term hire
Provides solid overhead protection
Extremely impact resistant structure


Container construction hoardings & gantries are amongst the safest on the market with impressive resistance from vehicular impact, slip resistant flooring and unrivalled protection for pedestrians and workers.  Royal Wolf's container hoardings and gantries are designed to complement our portable building and construction product range, including site offices, toilets and showers. The containerised portable buildings can be stacked on top to provide a complete construction worksite solution.

Hire Royal Wolf's hoardings and gantries for all your building and construction projects.

Royal Wolf has a team of engineers who can assist with the planning & layout of the construction site to ensure a unique and practical solution.

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