Mobile Accommodation Camps

Royal Wolf’s high strength platforms create a unique strong, secure, comfortable and quiet building for your staff and contractors. The container is designed for ease of transport and therefore perfect for a mobile camp. With split system air conditioning and insulation in all camp units, this containerised solution offers a high level of comfort no matter the location or weather.

Royal Wolf will work with you to develop and design a solution for your specific requirements. All camps comply with the AS3000-3001 Electrical Installation and AS3500 for Plumbing. Appliances and fittings are Australian approved and are selected for their local support and reliability.

Our Mobile Camps are built to be moved on a regular basis, deployed and disassembled rapidly using a ‘plug and play’ process. Only power, water and sewerage need to be connected for each module to become operational.

For more information on our mobile camps call us on 1300 651 700.

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High strength platforms
Comfortable and quiet building
Split system air conditioning and insulation



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