Open Side Containers

Side opening shipping containers can be accessed via additional doors positioned on the side. Open side shipping containers offer superior access to stored goods. The doors simply fold out of the way in use and then return into their closed position for transport and secure storage.

Our side opening shipping containers come with tie-backs to prevent accidental closings and our quality locks and fittings also give you an extra layer of security. They can be moved with fork lifts, so you can load them just like you would a standard shipping container.

Royal Wolf’s open side door shipping containers can be used to hold shop-front displays or as information or sales kiosks at trade shows or festivals. Some business owners even choose to modify a side opening shipping container and make it one of their primary retail spaces.

For more information about our side opening shipping containers or custom shipping container modifications please call us on 1300 651 700.

Tie-backs prevent accidental closings
australia Entirely portable and can be moved with fork lifts
Ideal for shop-front displays or kiosks at trade shows or festivals


  • Quality locks
  • Doors down long side
  • Ideal for shop-front displays, trade shows and events, sales kiosks, business premises, retail and popup shops.

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