Working within the confines of suburban areas, construction and event organisers often turn to Royal Wolf to provide containerised sound barriers with designated access points, stacked up to 40- feet high, in order to create an event which satisfies customers whilst providing the minimum amount of noise disruption to the surrounding area. Royal Wolf containers also have the ability to be stacked in a wide variety of formations allowing a tailor-made solution for music festivals and other highly populated events seeking crowd control.

In 2017, Royal Wolf engineered a Soundwall for the Australian Tennis Open:

Royal Wolf was required to provide a 9 metre high x 80 metre long Sound Wall on a sloping surface with a curved shape to match the landscape. This required a level roof to enable signage to be attached. This facility was critical to Tennis Australia’s objective of delivering an outstanding spectator experience as it was to house a 12 metre LED screen providing life size player vision for the audience.

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Containerised sound barrier
Stacks up to 40 ft high
Can provide a tailor-made solution for events



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