Royal Wolf and Yahava Take Off at Perth Airport

Passengers travelling in and out of Perth Domestic Airport will be treated to one of the world’s greatest coffee experiences from the experts at Yahava, following the launch of its first Kwik Koffee Kiosk housed within a custom-modified shipping container from Royal Wolf. Showcasing one of its most popular product innovations, Royal Wolf, Australasia’s leading supplier of container solutions, transformed a 20 foot cube-shaped container to create the conveniently located café just outside the airport. A 10 foot container cube is connected to the main structure to provide robust, secure storage for consumables.
Yahava Shipping Container Coffee Shop
Nathan McKenzie, Business Development Executive at Royal Wolf, said there is a café container revolution sweeping the nation, as the hospitality industry looks for ways to uncover new opportunities in a competitive market. “Containers offer a highly adaptable and cost effective way to bring the pop-up store trend to life in a range of locations which would have not otherwise been available to retailers and hospitality providers,” he said. “For Yahava’s café kiosk, the Royal Wolf team modified a 20 foot shell into a fully functioning café with fridge panel insulation, two major service shutters supported by gas struts, fitted mesh cage shelving, air conditioning, vents and fans. The smaller unit sits flush with the café and both containers are painted Yahava-red for continuity and impact,” he said.

Rolly Egglestone, manager of the Kwik Koffee Kiosk, said the team is thrilled with the bespoke container café. “We’re proud to now be able to offer both travellers and local business park staff a delicious coffee experience along with friendly, speedy service. Yahava founder and adventurer, Alex Kok, travels the globe seeking out the finest quality coffee beans for our customers, and they are roasted and brewed right here in Western Australia, so quality is front and centre,” he said. “Coffee can be pre-ordered from the Yahava smartphone app, and customers can also enjoy cold beverages, tasty treats and purchase coffee beans and merchandise,” Mr Egglestone said. Royal Wolf is the largest shipping container provider in Australia and New Zealand, with 29 Customer Service Centres and over 20,000 customers. Its containers are strong, easily modified and can be transported direct to site, making them ideal for a huge range of exciting design, building and retail applications.

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