Royal Wolf Assists Australian Age of the Dinosaurs

Hi Michael "I have been meaning to write and thank you for several days. The shipping container arrived safely last week and is going to be delivered to the Museum next week. It looks fantastic and we are thrilled with it. Thank you for everything you and Royal Wolf Townsville have done to make this happen. We are very much looking forward to getting the container set up with shelving next year.
Once again Michael, thanks for your help and generosity this year. All the best David Elliott EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN AUSTRALIAN AGE OF DINOSAURS MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY W:

IT ALL BEGAN WITH THE DISCOVERY OF A GIANT FEMUR In 1999 while mustering sheep on his property Belmont near Winton, David Elliott discovered the fossilised bone of what was, at the time, Australia’s largest dinosaur. This bone was later identified as part of a giant femur from a Cretaceous sauropod that roamed the Winton area 95 million years ago.  Read more
Royal Wolf assists Australian Age of the Dinosaurs