Royal Wolf is taking its commitment to quality, safety and the environment to the next level through the successful achievement of International Standards Organisation (ISO) certification.

Royal Wolf ISO Accreditation

After undergoing a rigorous two-phase independent audit completed by international accreditation experts SGS, that comprised an evaluation of processes and procedures, including a 5½-day appraisal, Royal Wolf’s Centre of Excellence based in Brisbane has received ISO accreditation against ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Covering Safety, Quality and Environment management systems, this accreditation means Royal Wolf will not only continue to deliver to a high standard but is also committed to pursuing improvements in quality and safety for customers and staff while reducing its environmental footprint.

“It’s 100 per cent about continual improvement,” says Royal Wolf General Manager, Engineering, Dale Garson.

“It demonstrates that we as a business have been working well in those three areas for quite some time because passing the first time against the three codes is quite unusual.

“It differentiates us from our competitors and it’s part of us doing better business for our customers.”


Dale says the accreditation will allow customers to proceed with projects, including container modifications, knowing that Royal Wolf will deliver high quality work that meets international standards.

“For our customers it means predictable outcomes and the confidence that they’re working with a business that will give them what they’re asking for,” he says.

“It also means there are effective processes in place to ensure that if there is an issue there are plans and procedures to deal with it and with our continual improvement process we are well placed to minimise any impact or the situation occurring again.

“It separates us from the other container suppliers in the market. It demonstrates we have control and improvement in place and tells our customers that the business they’re dealing with is in control and can deliver the scope of work they’re looking for.  Moreover, it is recognition that Royal Wolf operates in a manner that minimises environmental impact.

The accreditation provides Royal Wolf with a sound platform to secure additional opportunities in government, defence and tier one major corporation spaces.


While Royal Wolf already had sound safety and quality processes and procedures in place, preparing for accreditation provided the opportunity to refine those processes and develop a watertight plan for the business’s environmental impact.

“We invested time and effort into creating what our environmental objectives are, how we’re going to measure, what impact we’re having and how we’re going to mitigate that,” Dale says.  The main areas we are targeting are reducing emissions and increasing recycling.

The accreditation covers Royal Wolf’s Engineering Centre of Excellence in Brisbane. It includes Royal Wolf’s design, production and customer service/sales teams.  The Centre of Excellence delivers unique projects for customers, such as complex modifications projects that require specialised industry expertise. 

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