Royal Wolf Delivers a Multi-purpose Building and Construction Base


Leading construction company AW Edwards needed a multi-purpose operating base for 12 months while they built a community car park in Edmondson Park. It needed to be constructed on a limited budget and within a very confined space.

Royal Wolf Building and Construction

Needs of the client

  • Small space solution
  • Rapid installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Counter-balanced structure
  • Secured to concrete base
  • Additional storage facilities



A triple-stack, H-configuration, multi-purpose site centre was installed in less than two days with a crew of seven staff. The structure had been engineered so that it connected to plates welded onto the concrete base – there was a 5mm margin for error on the base level, and counterbalancing had been designed to ensure the structure was safe. Included were:

  • Site offices
  • Ablution blocks
  • First-aid room
  • Change rooms
  • Lunch rooms on top floor
  • Fenced storage facilities on top of the block


The client was incredibly happy with the solution that was provided, and the speed and accuracy with which it was installed. The crucial bottom level was put in place within half a day, then the site was completed with the following 11-hour shift.

AW Edwards will be able to use the full facilities of this multi-purpose site centre over the coming 12 months of their community build.

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