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Royal Wolf Designs Material And Component Heating And Evaluation Testing Unit

Royal Wolf were contacted by the Defence Science and Technology Group with an enquiry for a modified container.

The department required a solution to conduct material and component heating and evaluation testing up to 100C.

This required the services to be externally mounted to reduce incidental heat and material off-gassing and fire hazards.

Heat Lab

The Ideal Solution

A Royal Wolf shipping container being made from steel was the ideal solution for this project.  Our team delivered on the following:

  • The standard flooring was raised and replaced with galvanised tread plate
  • Specialised low voltage heat resistant LED lighting was installed.
  • There is a heat resistant curtain to provide thermal shielding to the minimal electrical components that are located inside the container.
  • The side walls had aluminium removable panels and roller doors to allow venting and access for larger objects to be tested.


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