Royal Wolf Enhances Historical Museum

Royal Wolf is proving that you can do anything with the multi-talented shipping container by joining forces with the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) History and Research Centre to launch an Australian-first container heritage exhibition facility in Perth, July 2014. Located at SASR’s home base, the new facility provides an extension to the existing displays in the SAS Historical Collection. The facility will house significant military artefacts and is constructed from two 40 foot modular units and two 20 foot units donated by Royal Wolf. These containers have been joined together and modified with customised exterior painting, lighting, conditioning and cut outs to help create a one way flow-through for visitors.
CEO of Royal Wolf, Robert Allan, said the new facility demonstrated the innovation and adaptability of Royal Wolf containers. “Royal Wolf are thrilled to be involved in this unique project that will significantly add to the military historical heritage of Australia and pay tribute to the personal sacrifices Australian SAS members have made on behalf of their country,” said Mr Allan. “We have a dedicated defence division and offer specialised service to assist with a range of container solutions including command posts, IT units, ablution and laundry units, bi-cons, tri-cons, air cargo pallets, workshops, personnel carriers, stores and ammunition units, explosive ordnance magazines, modular training and advanced simulator equipment,” he said. Royal Wolf containers are strong, weather-proof and easily transported direct to site making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from accommodation, mobile exhibitions, portable storage of dangerous goods, to retail outlets, training facilities and innovative construction projects.

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