Royal Wolf helps Melbourne Residents Enjoy the Quiet Life During Listen Out Festival

Listen Out Melbourne was one of 2018’s biggest national music events, attracting 18,000 revellers and some of the world’s most famous dance and hip-hop acts. Held next to St Kilda beach front, the organisers leant on Royal Wolf and Force Events to build a protective sound wall that would reduce noise for residents.

Minimal disruption for set-up was essential due to the festival’s proximity to a major road into the city. In just three days, two sound walls made from a total 54 containers were delivered and constructed. The wall reached 8.7 metres and met regulations set by festival engineers.

Site restrictions meant that trucks were unable to wait on the esplanade, making constant movement key. Royal Wolf devised a staggered approach which saw four trucks operate on rotation for optimum efficiency. Taller-than-standard Royal Wolf High Cube containers were used, creating the maximum wall height for the minimum number of journeys.

Forty four  containers were delivered on days one and two, with a further ten arriving on day three. The proximity of Royal Wolf’s local depot meant speedy delivery was possible, with only a short journey between the festival’s location and the container store. Driver breaks and the impact of traffic played an important role in the planning process.

The final structures were held together with 134 twist locks and 67 bridge clamps to ensure vertical and horizontal strength, enabling the wall to withstand weather conditions. These resilient fixings allow containers to be stacked in a wide variety of formations, allowing a tailor-made solution for music festivals and other highly populated events.

Deconstruction and removal of the Listen Out sound wall was also fast, being completed in just two days.

Christian Pepper, owner at Force Events commented, “Event organisers are increasingly looking to shipping containers as the ideal sound wall solution. Royal Wolf’s large product range and high number of depots mean they have sound wall solutions for almost any large-scale event. The Royal Wolf team’s vast experience and professionalism resulted in the most streamlined process possible. The sound wall provided an effective noise barrier for residents and allowed the party to go on with minimal disruption.”

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