Royal Wolf is a proud sponsor of the Cycling Without Age Sorrento chapter

Royal Wolf is a proud sponsor of the Cycling Without Age Sorrento chapter.

Cycling Without Age is a community-based initiative which aims to reduce social isolation and promote improved mental and physical health for the elderly.

The service offers elderly people a free ride on a trishaw bike, piloted by a volunteer cyclist.

Since launching in 2018, Cycling Without Age Sorrento has covered over 5000 kilometres and now provides daily rides.

“With the wide dual path along our coast being only metres away, Sorrento is a perfect location for the trishaw,” shares Alanagh Godderidge, founder of Cycling Without Age Sorrento.

"It’s always great to be able to help out a unique and interesting project that brings joy to others. The bikes that are being used are custom made and what better way to keep them safe and sound than tucked inside a Royal Wolf container," says Keith Simpson, Regional Manager, Western Australia, Royal Wolf.

“Without the secure storage offered by Royal Wolf, I wouldn't be able to facilitate the service,” adds Alanagh.

“It's companies like Royal Wolf that are making a difference in our wider communities.”

For more information about Cycling Without Age, or to get involved and volunteer, follow this link:

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