Royal Wolf keep explosives safe with compliant customised storage

In September last year, Royal Wolf commenced a project with Orica Mining, the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems, converting six containers into relocatable explosive magazines built to legally store explosives, ensuring safe and compliant ventilated storage. The containers were purpose made by Royal Wolf’s specialised Project Division, who are trained to assist with explosive magazine enquiries for customers Australia wide.

Michael Meyer, North Queensland Regional Manager, said the project highlighted how the Royal Wolf team is continuously expanding its capabilities to provide quick solutions, through existing product lines that can be modified to cater to specialised needs. “Our existing off-the-shelf relocatable explosive magazines are 6 by 2.4 metres wide, but due to the client’s needs for extra width we modified these units on-site in Brisbane to 12 by 3 metre specifications,” said Michael. “The containers are also fully insulated and timber-lined to avoid static electricity.

The all-steel external construction of the explosive magazines offers impact and cyclonic protection, while vents provide ventilation and in case of an incident, double as a weak-spot for explosive forces to exit.” The doors are also unique, at six inches thick with a blast rate of AS2187.1-1998. Royal Wolf offers support in certification, footing design and detail to assist in installation. The relocatable explosive magazines (REMs) are fully ISO compliant for easy transport. The project was completed February 2018. Three units have been delivered with the last three in transit to Papua New Guinea for use at various mining sites.

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