Royal Wolf provides gold standard container solutions for Commonwealth Games

Following Royal Wolf’s appointment as a supplier of this year’s Commonwealth Games, the team successfully worked with the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Committee (GOLDOC) to deliver a complete suite of creative solutions, from judging boxes to viewing platforms and secure storage. Adrian Massey, Royal Wolf Regional Manager South Queensland said the scope of the project has been extensive reaching the Gold Coast up to Townsville.

“It’s not every day you have the opportunity to deliver such a significant international event. We started the initial installation in November 2017 to ensure all 353 shipping containers were ready for the games to begin. This will certainly go down in the history books for Royal Wolf and we were also incredibly proud to sponsor the volleyball where Australia won gold for the men’s and silver in the women’s tournament,” he said.

Showcasing its versatility, a number of Royal Wolf’s popular Outdoor Rooms were transformed into judging boxes for beach volleyball matches and also customised as brightly coloured viewing platforms on the warm up track. “As the Outdoor Room contains built in glass sliding doors it was the ideal portable creative space solution to view all the action from,” Massey said. In addition, Royal Wolf worked with Brandi Projects (City of the Gold Coast) to modify four information booths into three different containers used as visitor information pods which were wrapped entirely with beautiful photography displaying Gold Coast scenery.

A completely branded Outdoor Room promoting Griffith University at the Aquatic Centre was also created, with the interior featuring interactive Virtual Reality monitors. “Our storage capabilities were out in full force with over 200 x 20 foot containers used for 15 venues to safely stock sports gear, catering supplies and electrical equipment along with 60 refrigeration units to look after food, and portable kiosks transformed into kitchen facilities.

“The most unique element of an event like the Commonwealth Games is the variety of uses for our shipping containers. We covered all bases and even worked with the Preston Campbell Foundation to support the Queensland Police Service, by providing a kiosk unit to host morning and afternoon tea during the games. “Not only has the games raised the profile of the Gold Coast but it has showcased Royal Wolf’s capacity to deliver highly complex events at international standards,” Massey said. The Commonwealth Games was hugely successful, with Australia taking the top spot with 198 medals, including 80 Gold.

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