Heart Kids and Royal Wolf

Royal Wolf proudly supports and provides assistance to many community organisations, including HeartKids, which does amazing work as a national not-for-profit organisation that supports those impacted by childhood heart disease, be it in hospital or at home.

HeartKids NSW ACT has faced challenges in providing this support after having to store essential program and event materials off-site. This storage is essential for HeartKids to host and deliver special events and activities for affected children and families.

Recently, HeartKids NSW ACT relocated to Parramatta to be closer to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, which hundreds of HeartKids families attend each year for surgery and ongoing treatment. The move created an opportunity to move the storage facility on site.

Heart Kids and Royal Wolf

However, it was a huge financial hurdle.

Royal Wolf stepped in to help, donating a container to HeartKids NSW ACT. This donation frees up funds to allow HeartKids to focus on the important work of delivering positive experiences to heart kids and their families.

“This incredible new space has extended our storage capacity, simplified our operations, and enabled the team to perform more effectively and productively,”  says Janyne Hogan, HeartKids NSW ACT State Manager.

“With the generous support of Royal Wolf, we’ve realised a long-term storage solution that has transformed our day-to-day operations by removing the need to travel to access our equipment and, more importantly, allowing our charity to save thousands per year in storage fees that can now be redirected to supporting families in need within our HeartKids community.”

HeartKids NSW ACT will soon also host activities for children and families.

“Our next step is to begin hosting HeartKids activities in the yard, with the container to become a focal backdrop to these activities,” says Janyne.

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