Royal Wolf takes the coffee break to next level

Cafe Maurice

The Lot by Maurice’s wanted to create a modern, functional and practical café in the car park of a major supermarket, and while it had to look good, the space needed to meet design requirements to function effectively as a cafe.

“The planning took over 3-4 months to get it to what we thought was going to be perfect,” says Maurice Melan, co-owner of The Lot by Maurice’s.

Needs of the client
- 1 x 20-foot container
- Benches, lighting and wall coverings
- Fire insulation upgrades
- Adherence to Australian food and safety standards for design, construction and fit-out of food premises

Cafe Maurice Stainless Steel interior

Royal Wolf engineers worked with The Lot by Maurice’s to modify the container into a cafe, which includes dine-in tables. They also ensured it complies with Australian food and safety regulations, including installing efficient door handles in case of fire.

“They had an architect, but the drawings weren’t in the right dimensions for the container, so we had our engineers, our project manager and one of the draftsmen involved as well, and turned the architect’s concept into an idea that is actually practical,” says Amy Millard, Royal Wolf Business Development Manager.

Solutions provided
- Creative logistical solutions
- Collaborative approach to container modifications
- Permanent container modifications
- Adherence to food and safety standards
- Fire insulation upgrades, including installation of fire extinguisher and door handles
- Container delivered on-site

“Royal Wolf was very positive to deal with,” says Stephen Melan, co-owner of The Lot by Maurice’s. “Whenever you were talking to someone, including the engineers, they were all excited about it.

“You’d think the (cafe) wasn’t a container when you’re on the inside because between benches, the stainless-steel work, power, it’s all been done.”

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