Royal Wolfs Container Style Statement at Adelaide Fashion Week Festival

The Adelaide Royal Wolf team recently installed 3 x 20ft Outdoor Rooms for the Adelaide Fashion Week Festival. This festival was held right in the centre of Adelaide city, and was attended by local and international Fashion identities. [huge_it_slider id="14"] Mark Hartmann, Royal Wolf's Business Development Manager in Adelaide, and the team worked closely with Events South Australia to deliver the required solution. Each Outdoor Room was transformed into a unique space, there was a Wine Bar, Hair and Make-up studio and a Café/Convenience Store. A quick turnaround was required for bump in and bump out, as the entire set-up was on public space and parklands. Although the weather presented some challenges, the final result was outstanding and continued to strengthen our relationship with Events South Australia. Royal Wolf Outdoor Room - Adelaide Fashion Week Mark Hartmann (Royal Wolf Business Development Executive – Adelaide)