Fore Group

Situation: complex men’s shed and community project
Fore Group was looking to purchase containers to create workspaces, amenities, an outdoor barbecue area and entry installation for a men’s shed-style complex, to be used by community groups and for hobby/craft activities. Fore Group needed the containers to be modified for compliance, practicality, safety and comfort, as well as to display a solar car.

“We pushed the boundaries with the solar car,” says Ben Wright, Fore Group Director. “The original design concept evolved as the project progressed, and although it was quite technical and difficult, Royal Wolf was able to jump on board and help us.”

Needs of the client
- 4 x 40-foot containers
- 6 x 20-foot containers
- Containers to feature windows, doors, lighting, wall linings, carpet tiles, switchboards and insulation
- Container wall and floor removal for solar car installation
- Patron accessibility

Solution: how to highlight a solar car in a shipping container
Container modifications were completed to ensure they’re practical and safe to use as workspaces, and Royal Wolf’s in-house structural engineers worked with Fore Group to design and complete modifications for the installation of the solar car, including ensuring the container was structurally sound once modifications were made.

“Structurally we had to do a lot to modify the container for the solar car, such as fabrication work,” says Warner Anderson, Business Development Manager – Technical Solutions at Royal Wolf. “That’s where our engineers were involved – to make a large penetration in the side wall and in the floor, which acts as a lightbox to display the solar car. We also installed strengthening beams to ensure structural integrity.”

Solutions provided
- Creative logistical solutions
- Container modifications
- Modifications for structure safety
- Engineering
- Containers sourced from several Royal Wolf locations
- Containers delivered on-site

Outcome: transparency from start to finish
“Royal Wolf is a one-stop shop,” says Ben Wright. “The team is able to turn your concept into reality.

“It was a very simple process. They’re very clear on the timeframes and what they need to be able to keep the project progressing. It was no hassle at all – you don’t need to know too much about containers as the Royal Wolf team takes you through the journey and explains everything to you.

“In my experience in this industry, Royal Wolf is one of the best contractors to work with.” 

Warner Anderson says there’s no project too complicated for Royal Wolf.

“We have fully qualified tradespeople on the floor, draftsmen in the office and qualified engineers,” he says. “No project is too big or small for us.”

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