Spartan Race

"We are so proud to have Royal Wolf as one of our key sponsors for 2015. Without them we wouldn’t have the great obstacles we have, we wouldn’t be able to freight our cargo so effectively and we wouldn’t have the versatility of having office space and refrigeration space on site."

Spartan-Race-1-min   Challenge Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle race series, contacted Royal Wolf seeking a complete solution for the container and transport services needed to move their event gear countrywide to each event. In addition, Spartan sought assistance in developing challenging and engaging obstacles to be built from shipping containers that would enhance the race course staging in a fun and interesting way, as well as test the limits of some of the fittest athletes in Australia. Solution Royal Wolf’s first challenge was to identify the most appropriate shipping containers, both for Spartan’s loading/unloading and relocation needs, but also for their obstacle and promotional initiatives. The initial solution consisted of four 20’ general purpose containers, though Spartan has since gradually implemented the use of 20’ open side containers to not only serve as viable obstacles, but to make the team’s loading and unloading of gear faster and more efficient. Throughout the planning process, Spartan Race brought plenty of great ideas to the table with regards to the specific obstacles that could be created with shipping containers. With Royal Wolf’s assistance, the result was extremely popular. The Royal Wolf team devised two sets of double-stacked containers which incorporated rope climbs and cargo nets. Later, another obstacle took shape incorporating two 20’ high cubes painted in camouflage and used as a rope traverse, with a Royal Wolf branded 12m x 6m air mattress placed underneath the ropes. Results Spartan Race met with several of Royal Wolf’s competitors, but ultimately found greater confidence in Royal Wolf’s pricing and ability to execute the job exactly how they envisioned. Spartan cited Royal Wolf’s experience in coordinating country-wide relocation services, consistently meeting delivery timeframes and negotiating rural site challenges - both in terms of working onsite with other operators and as executing the manoeuvring and stacking of the containers as needed for the obstacles - as factors in their decision. In turn, the events company benefited from Royal Wolf’s complete logistics solution in event support, container supply, and national relocation services. Spartan Race’s events have been so successful that annual competitors have increased almost 20 per cent each year since 2012, with many participants touting the Royal Wolf as their favourite obstacles of the event. The program’s success has also been noted by Obstacle Magazine. Spartan Race earned 1st place in seven out of eight obstacle race category nominations in 2013, and was nominated again in all eight categories in 2014.