Royal Wolf, in conjunction with McConnell Dowell, has provided 53 containers to be used as key facilities for up to 230 workers on the Swanson Dock West Remediation Project in Melbourne.

Royal Wolf, in partnership with McConnell Dowell, have supplied and installed required facilities for up to 230 staff for the Swanson Dock West Remediation Project in Melbourne. The facilities, which comprise 53 shipping containers, include lunchrooms, a first-aid room, offices, ablutions and change rooms, and provide critical support and amenities for those working on the three-stage project due for completion in 2027. Swanson Dock West is an international container terminal with a 944m wharf and three container-handling berths.



The containers have been placed in a double stack to provide maximum facilities while taking up minimal space. With Royal Wolf engineered walkways and a large dome shelter, a site compound has been installed to create a makeshift building. “The wide range of containers will provide critical facilities and comforts for staff and workers to ensure they have all they need while completing the long-term project, and shows how versatile our containers are for work sites such as this one,” says Royal Wolf Project Supervisor Harry Schubaji.

McConnell Dowell has hired the following from Royal Wolf:

  • 24 x 40 ft lunchrooms
  • 10 x 40 ft office rooms
  • 1 x 40 ft female change rooms
  • 2 x 40 ft male change rooms
  • 8 x 20 ft subbie office rooms
  • 1 x first-aid room
  • 4 x 20 ft male ablutions
  • 3 x 20 ft female ablutions



Royal Wolf also modified two office containers that include tables, desks and a kitchenette. “Not only did Royal Wolf’s containers have everything we required, they also had the best price,” says Swanson Dock West Senior Project Engineer Ben Slater of McConnell Dowell. “Our workers now have a place to eat lunch and have a break, office space, meeting areas, (a place to) shower and get changed if they need to, and they have access to toilets. “The containers have been quick and easy to install and because they’re self-contained units, they’re ideal for our situation and needs, particularly around quick assembly on site. “We’re very happy with what we’ve got so far, it looks great.”



Royal Wolf delivered and placed the containers at the docks, navigating strict security requirements to ensure delivery was completed on time. “With a lot of security in place, it was difficult to get trucks in to deliver 53 containers, so coordination between our fleet department and transport company was vital to ensure everything was organised and we were able to deliver all containers in the correct sequence that they were needed,” Harry Schubaji says. Ben Slater added: “The on-site staff have been great. They’ve been accommodating and very quick to respond when we need something.” Royal Wolf will provide ongoing support to McConnell Dowell through each stage of the project, including maintenance and the dismantling and relocation of the containers when phase two of the project begins.

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