Matthew Waight - Royal Wolf National Asset Manager

Matthew Waight has recently been promoted to the newly created position of National Asset Manager. Having worked at Royal Wolf since 2012 as the Logistics Manager, Matthew has a broad range of experience in roles across logistics, international freight management, shipping and supply chain operations.

“I’m looking forward to introducing new ideas, new ways of thinking and new ways of collaborating with stakeholders inside the company, to achieve the results the company wants and deserves,” says Matthew.

Having seen the landscape change considerably over the course of his 36-year career, the recent experiences of COVID in 2020 has reinforced Matthew’s belief in the need to be agile.

“‘Agile’ is a good word for 2021,” says Matthew. “Pre-COVID you could look at your forecasts and have an expectation of how things were going to work out – that changed this year. And next year might be different again. We need to keep thinking on our feet.”

Matthew values collaboration and communication as his core values, and is looking forward to the challenges ahead with Royal Wolf in his new role. It’s the constant innovation at Royal Wolf that Matthew believes keeps the job so interesting.

“I really enjoy working for a company with such a diverse and complex range of products and customers,” explains Matthew. “When you look at the spectrum of the whole project process – right through to the end customer – it can be a smooth path, or a complicated one that requires great thought. I hope to help with all of those processes and make sure we stay ahead of the market.”

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