Escape from the Daily Grind with Royal Wolf

Escape from the daily grind with the hottest new trend in pop up business
You can do anything in a Royal Wolf! This philosophy has led to a range of innovations that have seen the shipping container move beyond traditional transport.  Now containers are the hottest new trend in the pop-up business world. One innovative use is to transform containers into stylish and trendy cafes.
Shipping Container Restaurant 1 Shipping Container Restaurant Shipping Container Restaurant        
Container Coffee Culture Australians love our coffee, we can’t get enough of it. We love it not just because of the taste, but because we love the entire café culture. Taking the time to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  This is why the café has become one of the more popular modifications at Royal Wolf. The versatile and cost-effective nature of containers truly brings to life the true meaning of the phrase ‘pop-up business’.

As an example,  Royal Wolf provided a container café for the experts at Yahava to launch their first ever Kwik Koffee Kiosk at the Perth Domestic Airport. The versatility of the container that made this café so efficient also makes it portable. For businesses, this gives a competitive edge to move where demand is. For customers, it’s the ultimate in convenience as their favourite café chain could pop-up in any place. Up in the mountains in winter, or down by the beach in summer, a whole new range of possibilities is opened up.

A Range of Modifications Whatever your needs the resident team of structural engineers and draftsman at Royal Wolf can modify containers to your specific requirements - from hospitality kiosks, mobile showrooms or unique entrances for retail stores and much more.

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