Meet the innovative company making water monitoring technology and its complex chemistry accessible

Swan Analytical

When it comes to thinking differently and providing world-class solutions, our customers are some of the best in the business. Our new series, Meet The Innovators, celebrates their inventive ways of working and interesting partnerships with Royal Wolf. First up, meet SWAN Analytical Australia, the company with technical innovation at its core.

With an ageing fleet of thermal power stations across Australia and a declining number of staff to service them, boiler integrity is of critical importance. To meet tough safety standards and avoid high costs, power plants need smarter water monitoring technology that’s simple to use. That’s where SWAN Analytical Australia comes in.

Swan Analytical

SWAN Analytical Australia distributes innovative boiler water analysis systems and monitoring technology to thermal power stations across Australia. These high-quality, built-to-last systems measure water purity down to parts per million, simplifying the complex data so it can be easily understood, operated and serviced by power plant staff.

“The technology in our boiler monitoring systems has a lot of smarts and self diagnosis behind it,” says Paul Roginson, Application Specialist at SWAN Analytical Australia. “It’s ‘readily observable chemistry’ in that you can trace and analyse water without the guesswork – and you can do it from your own home. The technology in our systems ensures that the integrity of the boiler is intact, which reduces the inspection time. This in turn helps customers meet compliance and saves them money.”

While the technology behind the boiler sample conditioning and monitoring systems is indeed comprehensive and innovative, its accessibility for customers of all knowledge levels is an industry game-changer.

Swan Analytical

“The suite of analytical instruments we provide was designed by our customers, for our customers,” says Mr Roginson. “Users don’t have to be surgeons (or scientists) to work the instruments. The technology is built around their own expectations and experience.”

Swan Analytical

Each SWAN Analytical boiler monitoring system is designed and custom built to meet exacting customer requirements – and Royal Wolf plays a critical role in that process.

“As an applications specialist I am responsible for solving customer problems and finding the right solutions,” shares Mr Roginson. “Each time it’s different. Sometimes it’s a matter of looking at existing operational systems and finding ways our technology can operate that system better – often in ways our customers didn't even know were possible.

“Royal Wolf containers are specially modified and fabricated to house the equipment, and can be placed on site and connected up to the operational room,” he adds. “Our system gathers all the data and translates it into a format that our customers can easily understand.”

Brendon Greatrex, National Modifications Manager at Royal Wolf, is continually impressed with SWAN Analytical Australia’s forward-thinking approach to business and enjoys the opportunity to collaborate on complex projects.

“We have partnered with SWAN Analytical on several projects now,” he says “On one occasion, our customer was upgrading their plant to new technologies and the majority of the work had to be done off-site. We designed customised containers that enabled the intricate pipe wipe and electronics to be completed off-site in Royal Wolf containers, then delivered them to site for the final installation. It was a great project to work on.”

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