Meet Your Wolf Pack - Priya Singh


Priya Singh has been working in sales since she was 17 years old, but it’s the diversity and hands on nature of her role as Business Development Executive that she loves the most.

“I worked at lots of call centres in my former life and I did everything I could to make it interesting. I met every target and broke every record. But there’s only two companies I’ve worked at where no two days have been the same. And one of them is Royal Wolf,” says Priya.

“Royal Wolf shipping containers are like big pieces of lego for me. They’re big boys’ toys, and I’m lucky enough to get to play with them. My partner walks out the door every day in a suit, and I walk out in my high vis and steel caps. It’s awesome,” says Priya.

Priya’s everyday experience with customers is a testament to the fact you can do almost anything in a shipping container. In her 4 years at Royal Wolf, she has solved all kinds of problems, from working with Sydney Airport to repurpose a shipping container for a sound wall to helping create food kiosks and art installations for Sydney Festival. But one of the standouts was helping build reverse vending machines for the NSW Government’s ‘Return and Earn’ scheme.

“Our team was tasked with delivering 300 odd containers in just three months. While the recycling scheme has been around in Europe for years, I mentioned to the guy that Australia is a bit unloved. He told me the weather and heat here makes it hard for the machines to survive. So we had to find a way for them to withstand Australia’s harsh climate,” says Priya.

Because of the diversity of her role, Priya works with lots of different people within the business and considers herself lucky to have such an amazing team. “The people I work with every day are gorgeous and always go above and beyond to help people. We are all friends on Facebook, so there’s not much we don’t know about each other. I see my workmates more than I see my partner and family. They’re like my family away from family, says Priya.

Priya loves what she does so much, her fiance even suggested they host their upcoming wedding reception in a Royal Wolf shipping container.

“My partner said ‘you’re always thinking about Royal Wolf, so why don’t we build out a mini-festival with shipping containers for our reception?’ But I decided to keep things low key instead, says Priya”.

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